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Monday, September 8, 2008

Jon Checks In - New Album Update.

Jon HowardSo I think it's time I should let you know whats going on with the new album.

We've been working really hard for almost a year writing and doing pre-production for the new album. I couldn't be more stoked on the songs! If you thought Under Reprisal was killer, you need to check this shit out. The album is 95% written, and we'll be hitting the studio in November to start recording the real thing. So with that said, we'll be looking at a release date early next year.

I'll have a lot more details for you soon!

Thanks for your support!!!


Catch us on the East Cost in the U.S. later this month to hear some tracks for the new record.


Anton Lord said...

That's wonderful! But are you sure the new album can be better than Under Reprisal? It's a masterpiece! Anyways, really looking forward to the release. Hope it becomes available in Sweden as soon as possible. Cheers!

Jump.Force said...

Yeah man, I just heard "Under Reprisal" ... Blasted me of the chair.. Awesome, truly a masterpiece. I really hope the new album will be as good as the first one. Anyways! Greetings from Sweden and keep up the good work. You really should come play in Sweden, BLAST us in to pieces!