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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Many Thanks!

Threat SignalOur Eastern US tour wrapped up this past Sunday, and to put it in a nutshell - we all had a blast. Big thanks to our friends Bleed the Sky as well as Jerry, and Mike. The Destro, and Gigan. Not to mention Kyle Mcknight, for his performance on Counterbalance at the Hamilton show. All the folks who worked behind the scenes to make these shows possible. And of course all of our friends and fans new and old for coming out to support us and all the bands these dates. You people are the shit!

Also, we'd like to apologize to our friends who live in or made the trek to Indianapolis to see us perform. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control, day 2 of the Indy Metal Fest II was cancelled. We'll make it up to you in 2009.

More pics and videos coming soon!
~Threat Signal

Veiw photos from The Casbah I The Jaxx I The Jigsaw

As I Destruct - Live At The Casbah
Footage Courtesy of www.youtube.com/user/BeenaNBen

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