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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Jon Checks In - Studio Update

Jon HowardWhat up metal heads So we've started tracking the new Threat Signal album! We've chosen to self produce and record most of the album close to home. This keeps a more comfortable, less stress full work environment, and we can work whenever and however long we want. Which I believe will make for a KILLER second album.

We are recording 13 tracks, one of those songs is the VERY first Threat Signal song ever written. We thought it would be a waste to let the song go unheard, so we are throwing it down! The rest of the songs are brand new that we've been working on this year. Some of the song titles include, Through My Eyes, Severed, United We Stand, and The Beginning Of The End.

Norm has recently finished tracking drums, and we are editing them now. They sound amazing! Norm did a great job of pounding his skins haha. We will begin tracking guitars in about 2 weeks.

I'll have another update for you soon, so stay tuned!
~ Jon

1 comment:

rob_on_guitar said...

You guys have a release date in mind?
Perferably an international one, us guys in New Zealand are waiting!!

Kick ass!