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Friday, January 2, 2009

New Record Update

Jon HowardRight now I'm sitting in my home studio comping/editing the rhythm guitar tracks we recently recorded. And let me tell you its sounding tighter than a 2 year old! Not that I would know what that means, but Pat might?

Raymond Hererra and B-Real where nice enough to get us into their studio (Temple Studios) in Chatsworth California to track the guitars for the album earlier in December. We tried many different amps and cabinets to get the most bad ass tone we could. We ended up using Diesel, VHT and Marshall heads, through Randal and Marshall cabs with 8 different mics. Jeremy Blair the Engineer at Temple Studios helped us out a TON with getting the perfect tone. That dude is the shiiiiit!

Once I'm done editing the guitars, we will start tracking bass. The plan is to get most of the music tracked by the end of January so I can start vocals.

I know you hate reading so we are putting together another home video for you guys, so hold tight!


1 comment:

Jeremy Rock said...

I can't wait to hear this new album. I love listening to your music while I work on my art. So damn inspiring.