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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Jon Checks In With Another Album Update!

Jon HowardI know I've been a little slow on the updates... But thats a good thing because I'm working my ass off in the studio!

All of the music (drums, guitars, overdubs, solos, bass, and keys) are completely done and edited. I cant believe how siiiick this record sounds already, and its not even mixed yet. We plan to start mixing later this month.

I've recently set up a little studio in a small room by myself, and I've been tracking vocals for the last few days. I find this is the best way for me to get the best performance from myself. I have no distractions, and I'm able to sing whenever I need to.

We'll be working on part deux of the studio videos which will include bass tracking, guitar overdubs and solos, and some random partying. I may even film some of my vocals for you guys as well.

Thanks for reading and my next blog will be telling you that this album is DONE!!! fuckin right



Kevin Bell said...

Any idea when you will be playing in hamilton again?

skybird said...

hey guy !
thank for your very good music (and sorry for my bad english).
when come to you play your music in France ???
that's would be great !!!
I hope..

musically, Jérome